We make custom cookies for any occasion you consider special.


Baby showers, gender reveals, baptisms, christenings, and more  — introducing a new life into the world is one of the most important moments we celebrate, and custom cookies can add the sweetest touch. 



For Christmas, we have snowmen and gingerbread. For Valentine's, we have hearts and red velvet. For Thanksgiving, we have pumpkins and persimmon. Take a look to see what's in season today!



Another year, another opportunity to celebrate someone's life!   Birthdays are not just any other day to us --- whether it's 5 or 50, we think everyone deserves special attention (and sugar!) to celebrate their day of birth.


Just Because

Holidays and events aren't the only occasions we serve. Say thank you or let someone know you're thinking of them with a gift box of our cookies — and make even an ordinary day a whole lot happier.



We love love!   
Whether you're celebrating an engagement, bridal shower, bachelorette, or the big day itself, we'd be delighted to help make your day extra special with custom cookies that capture your love as a couple!



School and sports set young people up for future success as adults.   Take the opportunity to thank a teacher or a coach, celebrate a team win or a graduation, or even commemorate your favorite university or pro team!